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Sugru rocks! Or: how I fixed my broken iPhone Display glass from falling off.

Unfortunately I kept on dropping my iPhone until its display glass broke. Typical me. But after that, even worse, the little bits of broken glass where loose, slowly felt off one after another destroying the displays protection completely. Whereas the drop (besides the broken glass) didn’t effect the phones functionaries at all (even its touch capabilities are 100% working), the vanishing glass revealed the display which could get destroyed by dust and moist easily. Luckily I found a solution: Sugru.

Sugru is this fantastic super modeling clay made by Jane from Ireland. It allows you to hack the world and fix stuff. First its soft, sticks on nearly and material allowing you to put it in any shape, later it hardens and keeps its form. Perfect for me!

Check my hack, where I used Sugru replacing the missing glass pieces and preventing the loose ones from falling of. My display is protected again, and the phone is working - yay!

Visit the Sugru Website and get some for yourself: