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HackedTheHouse – and won 2nd Price!

2015 March 3

Last weekend I attended HackTheHouse, a 24hrs Hackathon in Berlin, organized by Relayr and BSH – all in the Name of IoT. I teamed up with Chris(ccb23), Clemens and Roby from Italy. We had a blast!

We were given a couple of BSH Home appliances, Relayr WunderBars, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Seeedstudio Grove, Nest etc. – so all the Toys a hardware hacker only could think of.

Our idea was to bring FUN the to dull, boring household tasks.  We solve this problem by gamify cleaning duties – regular household tasks are turned into a big game, you score every-time you fulfill a task, as sooner and thoroughly, as more points you get.

After 24hrs we presented a first prototype – including a dishwasher, a smart trashcan and a smart broom. The jury was amazed and we scored the 2nd price!

See our Hacklog, Repository, Pictures and more here:

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Maslow’s pyramid of code review

2015 February 26
by admin

Must Read:

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Great sources for great Software Development

2015 February 2
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There was recently a call on the Softwerkskammer Emailgroup for good sources to improve ones software development skills. Here a summary of all recommendations:

* Buch: Headfirst Design Patterns

* OOSE, Vielleicht hilft Dir das hier weiter:

  – OOSE für die Schulung ‘iSAQB’

* .

* Videoreihe von Robert C. Martin:

* Robert C. Martin – Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, Practices. In this book the notion of SOLID Principles is very well documented. 

* Gang of Four – Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

* Apprenticeship Patterns 

* Skillsmatters  Von ndc  Oredev

* State: Tennis Kata

  – Bsp zur Tennis Kata:

*  “refactoring to patterns” von joshua kerievsky

* Video-seite wurde ich alles von Kevlin Henney

*  “Domain Driven Design” von Eric Evans für Einsteiger ist “implementing Domain driven Design”

* “Being the Worst” podcast 

* m.feathers mit “working effectivly with legacy Code”

* “Refactoring – Improving the Design of Existing Code”. Fowler ist ein Meister des OO-Design und das Buch ist voller Beispiele.

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IrDude – A simple android app to control my stereo via IR

2014 December 17
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by admin

I recently wrote a simple Android App which allows me to control my HarmonKardon Avr-35 stereo remotely via IR. Presenting: IrDude.

It uses the an undocumented Samsung IR API, so its unfortunately very much tight to Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet. Nevertheless, it does the Job for my, and is hopefully a good starting point for other to do similar. Check to find hex codes to support other devices.

[image from IR PUCK]

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The Dude is coming…

2014 November 29
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by admin

Oh yeah, I can’t believe Dutch Pinball did it. They are building a Big Lebowski pinball machine!!! I features all the legendary Movie characters, and of course, a bowling alley below the playfield. Can’t wait to get my hands on that.

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Projects worth to donate to

2014 November 29
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by admin

It’s soon the end of the year and time to say ‘thank-you’ to projects and people I profit from on a regular basis. This year it its:
* iTerm –
* SequelPro –
* DaviCal –
* Serial Podcast –
* Logbuch: Netzpolitik –
* Alternativlos –
* MacTechnews – get the App to support the project –
* Outbank –
* Time Pritlove –
* Jack Conte –
* more to come…

More on my Flattr Page:

Related: open call with @Flattr @GetCentUp @Patreon @GitTip on Sustainable Crowdfunding:

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Pro Pinball: Timeshock! – The ULTRA Edition

2014 April 22
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by tobi

OMG! its happening – The 90s are back!

Update: And even better, Silver Castle Pinball is building a real(!!!) Timeshock! Machine:

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2014 January 20
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by tobi

WunderBar – a great Internet of Things Starter Kit for App Developers:


[via Moritz, thx]

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DIY: custom y-connector ribbon cable

2014 January 4
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by tobi

For my upcoming Hacks i needed a y-connector ribbon cable. I wanted something quick, easy and cheap to build, still reliable and preferable without wiring. So i came up with this:




Mainly two blanks with connectors at each side. Stack them and your Y-connector is done. Happy hacking!

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Conferences 2014 not to miss

2014 January 4
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by tobi


Interesting Conferences not to miss:

I T.A.K.E:
RE/Mixed Media Festival IV:

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