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Enable tab completion for your Dry::CLI

When it comes to building helpful CLIs - I’m a huge fan of Dry::CLI . Writing CLIs was never that simple and structured with a rich option/argument parser, help page, subcommands and more. Although one feature I was missing it the option for tab completion. Nothing is more convenient when magically commands or the argument values appear for selection!.

A question to the community wasn’t much helpful so I decided to build it on my own. Luckily I came across this great gem which already does the heavily lifting of understanding bash & zsh’s completion syntax & semantics (believe me, it’s not fun ;). So all I had to do was to extract the commands, arguments & options of the dry-cli registry, put it into the completely input data structure and generate the completion script! This all I wrapped in a simple dry-cli drop-in command and ship it as dry-cli extension gem. For more details and instruction have a look here:

Once again a huge shout out to DannyBen for completely which allows me to generate the script very conveniently.

p.s. Extension for hanami-cli is in the making :wink: