Package com.rngtng.launchpad

Interface Summary
LaunchpadListener The LaunchpadListener Interface, implement this for interaction feedback
LMidiCodes Set of MidiCodes to send to Launchpad

Class Summary
LaunchadPAppletListener A wrapper class to to PApplet into a LaunchpadListerner for generic Listener handling
Launchpad This is the Main class to control your Launchpad.
LButton The Button class to handle the different Button types, acces thier MIDI codes and transform code <-> numer conversions
LColor The Color class, to handle the MIDI Color and Mode codes
MonomeLaunchpad An implementation of the Monomic API to get your Launchpad working with Monome stuff

processing library launchpad by rngtng - Tobias Bielohlawek. (c) 2011