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Hacking Rainbowduino 2017 - now BLE support

It’s 2017 and I finally wanted to get my hands dirty with some Bluetooth 4.0 LE gadget hacking.

Luckily I found this outdated project MacOSXVirtualSerialPort which gave me the final piece: Use socat to create two new serial ports which are innerconnected and send thier received data viceversa.

brew install socat

and exectue

sudo socat -d -d pty,link=/tmp/tty.ble,raw,echo=0,user=tobi,group=staff pty,link=/tmp/tty.serial,raw,echo=0,user=tobi,group=staff

Voila now we have one port /tmp/tty.serial where we connect mtXcontrol to and /tmp/tty.ble where we connect the simple noble service too.

Finally the data chain looks like:

mtXcontrol -> rainbowduino processing lib -> processing serial -> /tmp/tty.serial -> /tmp/tty.ble -> nodejs serialport -> nodejs noble -> HM-10 -> Rainbowduino Serial