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Satzuma Missile Launcher finally works with USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.8.2 on Mac

2015 May 23


Good news: I finally got the Satzuma Missile Launcher working on my Mac Yosemite. Solution it the latest (unfortunately unreleased) version of USB Missile Launcher NZ. You can download USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.8.2 from here, a source I found after digging through the comments of version 1.8.1 announcement:

USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.8.1 – Release

To get started with Satzuma, install v1.8.2, restart you Mac (bummer), open `USB Missile Launcher`, go to Preferences -> Launcher and
enter `1046` for VendorId, `3777` for ProductId and change Controls to Satzuma (see screenshot) – Boom! You’re all set – happy shooting!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.41.11

Next, I want to check – having a working CLI version would be so much better!

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