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HowTo: parse invalid, irregular HTML having < or unlcosed tags

I had the ‘problem’ that user feedback included lot of love - mostly by writing ‘hearts’. Unfortunately expressing hearts is done by ‘<3’ which turns the input into invalid HTML. Bummer. So if you still want allow other basic tags, you have a problem. Here’s how I solved it:

First I checked Stackoverflow - Tian had similar problem over there: Nokogiri: Parsing Irregular “

As a quick fix I came up with this method using a reqular expression to identify unclosed tags:

def fix_irregular_html(html)
regexp = /]*)(

#we need to do this multiple time as regex are overlapping
while (fixed_html = html.gsub(regexp, “<\1\2”)) && fixed_html != html
html = fixed_html


See full code including test here:

It works out well for me, I appreciate any feedback and improvements

See full code and test here: