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cubeXcontrol - a Rainbow Cube Editor

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Apparently the current Version doesn’t work with Windows. I’m very sorry for that, but at the moment I don’t have any Win machine to test this. So please feel free to try yourself and fix it! Thx!

I’m proud to present a first version which was on my this years TODO list for so long, but due to all the changes therefore very less time never got startet. But thanks to the Seeedstudio Rainbowduino Carnival 2010 I got a big motivation boost and found some time to get my fingers dirty again. So check this out, my this years contribution for the carnival:

cubeXcontrol - a Rainbow Cube Editor

Well, you know the mtXcontrol, the Rainbowduino Editor and the awesome Seeedstudio Rainbow Cube I mentioned here ? Now it’s time  to bring them together:

cubeXcontrol is an editor to control and create patterns for the 4x4x4 RGB Rainbow Cube powered by a rainbowduino. It comes with an extra window showing a 3D model of the Cube, allowing to rotate in all directions and to zoom. Click on boxes to set the LED color easily.

The editor is of course heavily based on the latest mtXcontrol version, with the latest rainbowduino firmware. Both are unfortunately still in beta stage, but come with great new features like auto port detection.

Get the sources here:

And the Rainbowduino driver:

Happy cub’ing!