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Oauth-CLI - test your Twitter and other OAuth APIs easily

By the time I was working at Qype, I often had to deal with OAuth APIs. Doing example request works to a certain point quite good with a Plugin the for Firefox. But when it comes to Authorized or POST Request you’re stuck!

So I developed a tiny command line client, which allows you to send request easily. It comes as a gem and easily to install:

gem install oauth-cli

After installation, execute oauthc. You either make onetime calls, with giving all required data as parameter, or just go into interactive mode, to get a shell for multiple calls and history. For not stating all connection data over and over again, it comes with multiple profile support, a wizard to create those easily and presets for Twitter and Qype.

See this nifty example call:
oauthc -p twitter get statuses/friends.json

I hope you like it - Bug reports, suggestions, updates go to:

See Readme:

See Source: