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BCD3000 Djay Midi Mappings

2010 April 2
by tobi

Some while ago I bought this nice Midi Controller BCD3000 by Behringer. It’s an easy to use device which brings way more fun mixing your MP3. For easy party playing mode I very like Djay, which is a simple but very powerfull mixing software. It now support Midi devices as well!
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any predefined Midi Mappings for Djay and BCD3000. So I created my own. Please download the file here. For now, all basic features are mapped, I may add sophisticated ones soon. It’s hosted on github, so please fork it and add you changes.

Happy DJing!

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  1. DJ Donkey permalink
    November 26, 2010

    Cheers mate. Very much appreciated.

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