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Nabaztag:tag arrived - meet Nabaccia!

Yay, my new toy has arrived: It’s a Nabaztag. Short story: I first met the rabbit in 2007 at re:publica conference @ Berlin, and always want to have one since then. Nabaztag is a rabbit connected to the Internet with moving ears, 4x color LEDs, a RFID reader, a button and Sound In & Output. It’s hard to understand why one wants to have such rabbit, but the idea to connect things with the internet sounds very interesting to me. But just for playing around, it was to expensive … till now!

Sadly (well, luckily for me) Violet, the producer of Nabaztag, is on it’s way to bankruptcy. As of this MyRobotcenter started selling them half price - nice! I couldn’t anymore resists buying and got the rabbit+mirror+zstamps for a good price - that’s all right!

According to violet, each thing needs a name, so mine is called Nabaccia , listens to emails via nabaccia - and, of course, twitters here as well. So, now it’s time to hack the rabbit. I saw a couple of interesting project out there, let’s get it on! More on this soon!

I know it’s totally wired and hard to understand why, just don’t ask ;-)

Image by Liron - thx!