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Running your own CardDav / CalDav Server

January 04, 2014

For years I’ve been running my own CalDav/CardDav server to sync my Contacts, Calendars and Reminders across all my devices. I’ve been very happy with DAViCal, until recently, I had to switch to a simple vhost which doesn’t offer PostgreSQL and custom apache cfgs. So I did some research which other implementations may be useful, those are most promising ones:

Radicale (Python + Mysql)

Baïkal (PHP + Mysql)
based on SabreDav

SabreDav (PHP + Mysql)
DAV Framework,

DAViCal (PHP + PostgreSQL)
Very complete, but not that easy to install.

Apple CalendarServer:

See full list:


June 25, 2013

Me wants :)

My Mountain Lion Setup 2013

April 16, 2013

ok some time passed since I wrote my dev setup, so here”s my current one *braindump*

Main Development Setup
Mountain Lion
xCode (or latest iPhone SDK)
Ruby: rvm + rubygems + rails etc.
Database: Mysql 5.1 + Sequel Pro
OpenVPN: Tunnelblick
iTerm 2
Sublime Text 3
Git + GitX (rowanj fork)
FTP & Co: Cyberduck
Hudson status: CCMenu
Share Files: Dropbox
Google Chrome
Firefox + Firebug

Extended Development

Nice to have:
System Notification: Growl
IRC: hide join messages Adium
original Twitter client (suxx)
All Codecs: Perian
Dasboard widgets: IP + App Update
Copy&Paste History: Flycut
Word replacement: iWork
Apple Mail

Installation hints:

Show hidden files:
Show full dir:

EEVblog - OLED Multimeter Review

March 13, 2013

Wow, I just discovered EEVblog which has awesome video material for electronic geeks. This one will definitely help me choosing a new multimeter + its just fun to watch - stay tuuuned!

Seriality - Physicality for the Web

January 23, 2013

Here a very late shout out to an interesting project: control your Arduino via the browser! Basically its a browser plugin to get access to your machines (virtual) serial port. With that you can use javascript to send and receive any data - how cool is that!?

When 'return' matters

December 19, 2012

so return actually makes difference in some cases!

def mystery_number
  return 23

def mystery_number2
  return 23
  return 42

puts mystery_number  # -> 23
puts mystery_number2 # -> 42

Carambola Board arrived

November 28, 2012

Yay the Carambola Board arrived today from Exp Tech. Time to start hacking!!

Good place to start with:

To start with:

Transistor vs. MOSFet - According to Pete

November 14, 2012

oh yeah, I guess I finally got the basic difference between a Transistor and a MOSFET:

Transistor is current driven, a MOSFET via voltage! Thanks to Pete, and his fabulous SparkFun screencasts:

yieha! Watch ‘em all:

Send Mac to sleep with external screen and closing the lid (Yosemite)

October 17, 2012

I had the problem of my Mac not going into sleep when external screen is connected and closing the lid. Luckly I came across this advice which indeed, did the trick:

  1. Disable external Monitor
  2. Type sudo nvram boot-args="iog=0x0"
  3. and restart


Update : With Yosemite you need to type:

sudo nvram boot-args="niog=1"


MySQL Hack: Hide unwanted variable declaration

October 17, 2012

Little MySQL to hide a unwanted variable declaration:


@l:="tempvalue" AS unwanted_output,
"actual output" AS ouput,
@l AS position;

Solution - ‘hide’ the var assignment within a Wrap variable inside a IFdefenition:

IF(@l:="tempvalue", "actual output", "dummy") AS ouput,
@l AS position;

Ruby Curly braces

July 24, 2012

In ruby curly braces have different meanings:

1. A hash:

my_hash = {:a => 1, :b => 2}

or the same but more JSON like syntax ( ruby >= 1.9 only)

my_hash = {a:1, b:2}

same as:

my_hash =
my_hash[:a] = 1
my_hash[:b] = 2

2. A block:

in rough and short: a block is a piece of code which will/can be executed either ‘later in time’ or ‘in a different context’

3.times do
 puts "HI"


3.times {
 puts "HI"

especially in one line it reads nice:

3.times { puts "HI" }

usually blocks have parameters which allows them easily to be identified:

  3.times { |index| puts "Loop: #{index}" }

oh and here’s a third case:

3. curly braces us variable within a string_

name = "Heinz"
puts "#{name} Ketchup is toll"

same as

name = "Heinz"
puts name + " Ketchup is toll"

I hope this helps to understand. I have to admit, curley braces have lots of different meanings in ruby and are indeed confusing - quite often they are ‘shortcuts’ to make your code read nice.

Hack your whiteboard - and clean it quick!

July 13, 2012

For the record: Here’s my favorite realworld hack I got once told by my lovley coworker Roel:

How to clean a messy whiteboard.

Remember the situation when one used the wrong pen for the whiteboard and can’t clean it? Just take another pen which can be erased and go over the non erasable parts - suddenly everything gets clean away:

Or in the words of TvLesson:
Take another dry erase marker (preferably darker than the marks that you are trying to remove) and draw on top of the messy marks. Then wipe the marks away with a dry erase eraser or soft cloth.

The new layer of dry erase marker will lift and loosen the underlying marks. It’s simple but may not work for tougher messy marks.

CSS div State

June 22, 2012

Example code for multiple FE state toggled via CSS classes only


<div id="state" class="pending">
  <div id="pending">Pending</div>
  <div id="success">Successful</div>
  <div id="fail">Failed</div>

#state div {
  display: none;

#state.pending #pending  {
  display: block;

#state.success #success {
  display: block;
} #fail {
  display: block;

#state.debug div {
  display: block;



Rspec - Useful How To and Best Practices

June 21, 2012

Here are two *very* good update-to-date sources of Rspec howtos and best practices:

The first on by Andrea Reginato(@lelylan) gives a very good overview. Start here:

The second one by Jeff Pollard features ninja-kick-ass shared spec examples:

Andrea did already a good job with the Google Doc, but what about collection all tipps into git repo so everyone can easily collaborate - let’s fork, PR and drive it forward!

More sources to follow - spec it, run it, kick it!

[kind of unrelated but nice picture ‘borrowed’ from global nerdy]

Lego Sumo Robot - Team SoundCloud

March 14, 2012

Uh, long, long time ago, (aka. last year autumn) I’ve been to GoTo Conference 2011 in Århus to present SoundCloud. For the evening program, a Lego Mindstorm Sumo fight was organized which, for sure, we couldn’t miss. Watch our sweet robot in action -
the first round of the sumo battle, where Team SoundCloud flips over the opponent!

Unfortunately that was already it’s glorious time - we dropped out for the second round. Anyway - it was big-huge-massive fun. Make sure you grab some lego bricks and build your own.

In case you’re interested in the code, it wasn’t much and nothing to be proud of - but worked!